artist Baqrbara Ann Woodard

“Faces” artist Barbara Ann Woodard

Barbara Ann Woodard aka B-Honee…about the artist

Most of us would be thankful to have one outstanding talent. Barbara Ann Woodard is fortunate enough to have two.  Her life is an example of  some words of wisdom spoken by one of science fiction writer Robert  Heinlein’s characters: “specialization is for insects.”

Creating artwork, raising a family, singing in front of more than a thousand people at a gospel concert in Brazil…Barbara Ann Woodard has had a busy life and one that is built on the pursuit of beauty. On most days she is either drawing, singing or looking for new and creative ways to do one and/or the other.

Growing up on the North Shore of Long Island – just an hour by train from midtown Manhattan – meant frequent trips to the fabled Modern Art Museum, a pilgrimage she still makes whenever she is in the New York area.  After a debut with drawing and painting at the age of  8, she  honed her talent with a steady diet of high school art classes. Among the subjects, techniques and styles she studied were architecture, water colors, oil painting, acrylic painting, charcoal drawing, and anatomy. Her favorite genre, however, has always been portraiture.

The praise and encouragement of Barbara’s high school art  teacher,  Ms. Keenan, encouraged the young artist to make drawing and painting a lifelong activity – a course of action confirmed  by an art-loving  cousin’s jaw-dropping reaction to some of Barbara’s latest artistic creations a few years ago. This more than favorable review rekindled Ms. Woodard’s artistic passion and convinced her to experiment with different styles and techniques again.

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